It's finally Autumn! I'm fairly busy in the shop, working time is about a week prior to ship.
It's finally Autumn! I'm fairly busy in the shop, working time is about a week prior to ship.
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How do we know that you're real?

When I fasten together pieces for my furniture I like to use colored or decorative fasteners. Anyone can use a silver colored screw, I want even the fasteners to reflect the care that I put into my work, right? So I was online trying to find places that I could order the metric screws I used then I came across a site which looked a little...basic. I mean, it was selling the screws I needed, but when I tried to see where they were shipping from, or who they were, or why they cared about offering hardware or anything there was no information. When I chose the "blog" section it was empty too, in fact it had a canned "put stuff here' type of message. Obviously I left.

How do I know what's real? Is it a warehouse somewhere or a guy in his bedroom putting parts in baggies? The latter is OK if he's going to do a good job and stand behind his products, but how do I know? There's no shame in being at the scrappy beginning phase of a business, filling orders from your home and not having a big gig but could you let us know? It would help set my expectations properly, I'd actually be more inclined to put in an order, and everything could be genuine and truthful and great. Being super vague helps nobody. Also pretending to be a big corporation is overdone and looks spammy and if you don't put a lot of effort into the guise it's going to come across as junk.


That experience made me remember seeing some cool wooden watches online a while back. One of the company's services was custom laser engraving on them, but it was somewhat unclear if the company made the watches or just sourced them. I mean, it would be super cool if they made them, because they were intricate and all wood everywhere including the band. As a CNC machinist myself I know how much work and tooling it would take to make one. The problem is that they were selling them for 80 bucks. That's not enough money for how much work it would take for a small company to fabricate them. So that makes me think that the watches are mass produced in china and then shipped to this company and any other who wants them. The actual thing this company did was the engraving. But why not be clear about it? You could spin it as "...working with our manufacturing partner to produce these high quality..." but since they didn't say anything it made me think that they were not proud of their supply chain, or that the same product was likely easily available elsewhere.  If I was wrong and they actually made them in house then they really blew it because they didn't talk about that anywhere and I would have been intrigued and impressed.


If you're a dropshipper why don't you talk about that and about the effort you've taken to find your sources and the value you contribute. Don't be evasive or vague. There are plenty of honest ways of talking about what you do. If you care about the work you do then share that. It will help us understand you and want to support you.

If you're a baby business shipping from your house that's OK too, why don't you tell me some stories about starting and what it means to you and i'll be interested and want to help you do your thing. Tell me you're a real person and you'll make it right if you screw it up. That's enough for me.

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