It's finally Autumn! I'm fairly busy in the shop, working time is about a week prior to ship.
It's finally Autumn! I'm fairly busy in the shop, working time is about a week prior to ship.
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What's happening right now?

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hey Isaac, what's going on in the shop right now?

At the moment it's a lot of prepping for the coming season. I'm producing hex and slot record crates so that I have inventory for the holidays. Those two products are my top sellers so I want to make an attempt at having them in stock. I expect I will not be able to produce enough but it's worth trying at this point. I'm not producing only those with my time because I am also prototyping new products. Not just because it's good to have a diversified product offering but also because I find working on different kinds of projects to be enjoyable.

Up coming stuff that's in work. One item is my chevron nightstand. I have two complete at this point and will probably redesign them for future orders. That said, the two I have will be listed soon as time allows. In order to list one I have to write about it, takes pictures of it, and pick up the shipping materials needed in order to send it.

Another item in work is my end table. It has an angular design similar to my chairs. I have built and finished version 1. There were some issues that needed resolved for manufacturability so now I'm on v2. This one is easier to build. Once I'm complete building it I'll decide if we need to go to version 3 before it goes for sale. Each of the prototype versions were machined out of scrap stock. They have some imperfections and so will be used in my house. That's a side benefit for me, I get to keep the prototypes!

Finally I have some 13" size slot crates which fit into the Ikea Kallax matrix shelves. I am all finished with them and I just need to remember to take photos so that I can list them.

That's it for now. The future direction for products are more items related to storage.

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