It's finally Autumn! I'm fairly busy in the shop, working time is about a week prior to ship.
It's finally Autumn! I'm fairly busy in the shop, working time is about a week prior to ship.
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Packing a Maple Cut ChairHow much will shipping cost?
For orders in the mainland of the U.S., shipping is free, i.e. the costs have been included in the displayed price.  
For orders outside mainland U.S., costs are less predictable and so an additional shipping charge will apply.  If you're international or AK/HI etc please email me and I'll give you an exact quote and do the best that I can.

For a while I tried offering a discount for peeps nearby, and I went about delivering it myself.  It was really fun to meet people and deliver in person but it used up a lot of time and didn't make any sense to offer the discount when it used even more time and cost than just shipping it.   So, while I no longer hand-deliver, if you're on the west coast you get to benefit from the super-fast delivery that UPS is capable of.  Even with ground shipping most orders only take two days.

I am always interested to know why so I can design better products. If you would like to return something please email and share what’s going on. If it is a preference based return I'll ask for you to pay for the return shipping, and I'll supply a label to make the process easy.  If the item was damaged in transit I'll cover all shipping and get you another ASAP.


When I receive back items that were damaged in the mail I examine them and if possible repair and resell them as "blem" goods.  I want to reduce waste as much as possible and this gives others a change to enjoy the piece at a discount while keeping it from being simply waste.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you don't like something please let me know how I can make it right. I build everything in my shop and if there's a problem I want to know so that I can correct it going forward.  I accept returns for 60 days after delivery.